Jewelry Care

Every piece of our jewelry is carefully selected, please treat your jewelry with care so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

  1. Please take off the jewelry before doing any exercise.
  2. Do not wear jewelry while sleeping.
  3. Keep your jewelry away from water. don't leave them on in the shower
  4. Gently clean your jewelry occasionally with a soft, clean cloth.
  5. Keep the chain fastened to avoid tangles.
  6. Try not to expose your jewelry to daily chemicals, such as hair products, cosmetics.

Fragrance or direct sunlight as they may damage them.

  1. Avoid getting beaded or threaded pearl jewelry wet, they may tarnish
  2. Do not clean the leather ornaments with water or soap. This can damage them.


Crystal degaussing Effect:

It is to clean the crystal and eliminate the residual energy.

Let the crystal restore its original appearance - pure energy without good or evil.

Let the crystal maximize its efficacy.


Crystal degaussing method:

Put the demagnetization stone in the ceramic or glassware, and then put the crystal on it. The demagnetization is completed after standing for about 6 hours. It is recommended to demagnetize once a month.